Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting the (volley)Ball Rolling

Today, I got a phone call from the Valley News Dispatch. The reporter, like many others, wanted to know what the buzz was about. Why are people sporting white tees marked with three hopeful words? What does Finding Nemo have to do with the KA volleyball team? He listened intently as I raved about Ellen Toy's strength, Jaime Moran's legacy, and the support of the Kiski Area, Leechburg, and Burrell school districts. There were so many questions that could only be answered with pride.
I told him I wrote a letter to the Ellen Show, and that no, they haven't gotten back to me. As I began to reveal my ideas to the reporter, I feared that the movement had reached a stand still. I guess I thought getting our story on national television would happen over night! But, if there is one thing Ellen Toy's coaching has taught me, (and believe me, there are plenty) it is to never ever give up.
I haven't called it quits, I promise. I'm not going to rest until the woman who has inspired me is sitting next to another Ellen spreading her words of hope to millions.
I have a dream, and I know you all hear me. But, I can't do this alone. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Let's get loud again. Fill twitter's feed with #EllenOnEllen and write to Ms. Degenerous herself. Share this blog with family and friends, and post pictures in those t-shirts. Read the newspaper and know our story. Be a part of something special. Help the world find out why we need to see Ellen On Ellen.


  1. Please listen, my granddaughter, her team mates, school and coach need this dream to come true. Their plight has been extremely difficult. Ellen, please listen!!

  2. The reporter, like many others, wanted stag do cork to know what the buzz was about.